Landlord Insurance

Whether rented or not, any buildings and contents are subject to a considerable risk of damage or unexpected incidents, however rented properties tend to carry such risks more frequently. Renting means that you are probably letting a complete stranger use your property, so getting the right landlord insurance is of paramount importance to secure the significant investment you have made.

Residential landlord insurance explained

Buy to let insurance is not a legal requirement, however we highly recommend that you consider taking out appropriate buildings and / or contents cover for your rental or investment property, however large or small it may be.

The choice of landlord insurance is vast, so it is important to deal with a reputable broker who fully understands the market and can design a competitive package designed to meet your specific needs.

Generally cover provided is for perils like fire, lightning, flood, earthquake, subsidence, riot, escape of water, ground heave or land slip, theft and malicious damage. Getting the appropriate  landlord insurance is an important necessity as typically standard residential home owners insurance is not specialised enough and does not cover the number of risks required, especially in terms of property owner’s liability which is included as standard in our landlord insurance cover. Property owner’s liability covers against any claim that may arise where a tenant may incur an injury.

What our landlord insurance covers 

Our range of competitively priced landlord insurance covers properties of all types and sizes across the UK, whether let or unoccupied. All varieties of tenants are accepted including multiple let, DSS, students, professionals, retired persons etc.

If you own more than one let property we can arrange insurance for a buy to let property portfolio under one easily manageable and highly cost effective landlord policy.

One single renewal date

Property additions and other amendments to portfolio policies are offered on a pro-rata basis to remove the hassle of various renewal dates.

Cover includes:

  • Accidental damage
  • Public liability
  • Loss of rent as standard

Our portfolio landlord insurance can also combine other types of property insurance including buy to let insurance for commercial properties, UK holiday homes, tenant contents and landlord insurance for empty or unoccupied properties.

Residential landlord contents insurance explained

To avoid unexpected risks we recommend landlords insure the contents of their let property. Generally such unexpected risks can include fire, theft and may affect rented contents that are owned by the landlord including curtains, carpets, white-goods or other furnishings and appliances.

Tenant contents should be insured under a separate tenants contents insurance policy.

The cost of landlord contents insurance will generally depend on the insured contents value and can usually be added for complete peace of mind as an optional extra on top of landlord buildings insurance – often with a net cost saving. Landlord contents insurance  can also be purchased separately if required.

 Landlord insurance policy benefits

In addition to all standard perils cover, we provide:

  • Cover for houses, bungalows and flats
  • Loss of rent cover up to 30% of the buildings sum insured
  • Property owner’s liability up to £5,000,000
  • Up to 30 day unoccupancy cover
  • Contents cover up to £40,000
  • Insurance cover is ‘new for old’
  • Policy excess for professional lets from £100 for buildings and £50 for contents
  • Policy excess for non-professional lets from: £250 for buildings and £50 for contents

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