Our Customer Promise

We rigidly adhere to the latest insurance industry guidelines and all of our products and services are backed up by the Ace Brokers Ltd Customer Promise:

  • At Ace Brokers Ltd we promise to adhere to the principles of treating our customers fairly and providing full and dedicated attention at all times to meet their insurance servicing needs.
  • We will regularly review our policies and procedures to ensure that they both perform and can be constantly improved upon to deliver even greater levels of service to our customers.
  • We will regularly seek customer feedback and thoughts on the products we offer and the service we deliver and will take action where any negative feedback is received.
  • We will not second guess or over-sell against our customers’ requirements – we will ask questions so that we can fully establish their current and future insurance needs and only then offer products that meet those needs.
  • We will only recommend a product if it is both affordable and suitable for our customers requirements.
  • We will always explain any risks associated with any of the products we recommend and do everything we can to ensure that our customers fully understand these risks and the advice we provide.
  • We will always respond to customer queries in a timely and efficient manner and offer continued support to ensure that these queries are properly concluded to our customers’ complete satisfaction.
  • We will handle all complaints fairly and in an un-biased fashion and will communicate our findings with our customers accordingly.

Additional Considerations

We understand that with even all the very best resources to hand, things can sometimes go wrong. Should a customer be given the wrong advice they will be contacted as soon as possible with an appropriate solution. The customer will be immediately informed of their right to make a complaint and where it is deemed recompense is required (e.g. where financially they are worse off as a result of the advice provided) this will be dealt with and arranged by Ace Brokers Ltd senior management.

We welcome customer feedback and provide a robust and simple process for customers to follow, should they have a need to complain or voice any criticism regarding the products and services the company offers.

All complaints received will be regularly monitored and trends evaluated to minimise future customer risk and to enable products to be regularly improved and overall customer service levels increased.


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