Claims Service

In the event of a claim or incident

How we will help

Our team is here to help and support you in dealing with your insurance claim. We will liaise with the insurer and other parties such as Loss Adjusters and Motor Engineers to ensure you get personal service of the highest order and the best settlement possible for your insurance claim.

Your responsibilities

  • Notify your insurer of the incident as soon as possible
  • Take immediate steps to minimise the loss by protecting/securing your property and prevent further damage occurring
  • Where damage to another person or their property is concerned (for example in the case of motor accidents), DO NOT admit liability to anyone and refer any correspondence received direct to us or the insurers.
  • If possible take photographs and retain all damaged goods for inspection
  • Advise the authorities, where appropriate for example where the loss is due to a Theft or Malicious Damage claim, this must be reported to the Police and a crime reference number obtained
  • Obtain estimates for the damage caused. Ideally at least two comparative estimates would be useful
  • Where appropriate, bills and receipts for damaged goods should be supplied to verify values
  • For further details on claims and reporting procedures please refer to your policy booklet.
  • Co-operate and act in good faith with us and/or your insurer in any investigation

Remember that you have a duty to report accidents even where they may not immediately lead you to make a claim. For instance, consider a motor accident where little damage appears to have been done and both parties depart the scene amicably. You should still report the incident. This is in case sometime afterwards the other driver discovers that there is damage to his/her vehicle and that you are at fault for it. Or worse, that the driver or a passenger have been hurt in the accident (something he/she may well not have noticed at the time).

In an emergency 

In an emergency that occurs outside normal office hours you will normally find a Help-line number for the insurance company in your policy documentation. Alternatively, the ABI website provides emergency contact numbers for most UK insurers.

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